Meandering Thoughts I

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Sold By: Art by Sumedha

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Size: 80 x 80 cms

Medium : mixed media on gallery wrapped canvas
Can be hung on the wall as is.

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These paintings are inspired by my meandering thoughts. As I sat looking at the two blank canvases, a lot of thoughts crossed my mind.

It got me thinking about how our minds are bombarded with myriad emotions, sometimes pleasant and sometimes not. On an evening walk, watching the sun drowning in the horizon, the scent of Earth when it rains, the dancing blade of grass in the wind, the thundering sound of the sea when it hits the shore, and many such moments. cms So I picked up my tools and let my thoughts meander and poured them onto the canvas like they were chasing something or someone. Sometimes forgetting what they were after but still creating their own story. Sometimes they were slow and sometimes they quickened, split, changed course, grew and shrunk, and took different shapes and forms. Still, they were all following a path, headed to a destination leaving me in fleeting, but intense stillness. And these beautiful works were born.

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Dimensions 80 × 80 cm

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