• Birthday Scented Candle

    Celebrate any special occasion with this beautiful and festive birthday candle! This vibrant candle is perfect for adding a touch of sparkle and excitement to any birthday celebration. This candle is scented with a sweet and inviting aroma and is sure to bring a smile to any birthday boy or girl. The wax is non-toxic, and the wick is self-trimming, so you can be sure that it will burn evenly and safely. Make any birthday extra special with this cheerful and exciting birthday candle!

    100% Soy wax Candles
    40 hours of Burn time
    Scent Notes
    Cookies and Vanilla

    70.00 د.إ
  • Peonies Handmade Soy Candle

    Sold By: Le Meilleur

    A peonies scented candle is a wonderful choice for adding a touch of elegance and floral fragrance to your space. The delicate and romantic scent of peonies can instantly uplift the ambiance and create a refreshing atmosphere. Whether you want to create a calming environment for relaxation or add a beautiful scent to a special occasion, a peonies scented soy wax candle can be a perfect choice. The natural and subtle aroma of peonies will fill your space with a delightful fragrance, bringing a sense of tranquility and beauty. Light up the candle and let the enchanting scent of peonies transport you to a blooming garden filled with beauty and serenity.

    75.00 د.إ120.00 د.إ
    Sold By: Le Meilleur

    Peonies Handmade Soy Candle

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  • Strawberry Shortcake Scented Candles

    This delightful strawberry dessert candle is the perfect way to add a cozy, sweet scent to your home! Crafted with the highest quality wax and natural fragrance oils, the candle emits a warm, inviting aroma of fresh strawberries, with notes of cream and sugar. The candle is beautifully presented in a glass jar and makes it a great gift for friends and family. Light it and enjoy the comforting scent of strawberry dessert, with no need to worry about calories!

    100% Soy wax Candles

    45 hours of Burn time

    80.00 د.إ

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