• Arabian Nights Necklace

    Sold By: Alf Laila

    A handmade necklace featuring agate stones in different colors and hues is a true work of art. Each stone is unique, displaying its own natural patterns and variations that make it one-of-a-kind. The agate stones are carefully selected and crafted by skilled artisans to create a stunning piece of jewelry that is both stylish and meaningful. Agate is believed to have powerful healing properties and is often associated with balance and harmony. Its various colors and patterns are said to represent different energies and emotions, making this necklace a symbol of unity and diversity. Whether worn as a fashion accessory or as a talisman for personal growth, this agate stone necklace is sure to make a statement and bring a touch of natural beauty to any outfit.

    240.00 د.إ
  • Bahariya Earrings

    Sold By: Alf Laila

    The Baroque Pearl and Aquamarine Gold Earrings are the perfect accessories for those who appreciate the beauty of nature. The dainty design of the earrings is reminiscent of the delicate flora found in a peaceful forest. The pearls represent purity, while the aquamarine crystals are believed to bring calm and tranquility to the wearer, making them the ideal accessories for anyone in need of a little serenity in their life.

    Materials Used:
    – 100% Authentic Aquamarine
    – 100% Natural freshwater Baroque Pearl
    – 18k Gold plated French hook earrings
    – 18k Gold plated ring
    – 18k Gold plated ball pin

    180.50 د.إ
    Sold By: Alf Laila

    Bahariya Earrings

    180.50 د.إ Add to cart
  • Bahr Al-Lulu Bracelet

    Sold By: Alf Laila

    For my pearl girls. A dainty pearl bracelet is a perfect accessory for someone special in your life. The pearl is a symbol of purity, beauty, and love, making it a meaningful and elegant choice. With its delicate and timeless design, a dainty pearl bracelet can be worn on any occasion and is sure to become a cherished piece in any jewelry collection.

    Materials used:

    – 100% Natural freshwater Baroque Pearl

    – 18k Gold plated curved lobster clasp

    – 18k Gold plated chain

    235.50 د.إ
  • Hadiqat Al-Lulu Earrings

    Sold By: Alf Laila

    A dainty pearl and amazonite gold earring makes for the perfect accessory as it embodies the peaceful and calming qualities of nature. The pearl symbolizes purity and the amazonite represents harmony and balance. The golden element adds a touch of elegance and sophistication to the earring. Overall, this earring captures the essence of the tranquil and serene atmosphere of a forest, making it the perfect accessory for anyone who appreciates the beauty and peacefulness of nature.

    Materials used:

    – 100% Natural Freshwater Pearl
    – 100% Natural freshwater Baroque Pearl
    – 100% Authentic Amazonite Stone
    – 18k Gold Plated French Hook Earring
    – 18k Gold Plated Chain
    – 18k Gold Plated rings

    170.00 د.إ

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