• Desert Pearl Necklace

    Sold By: Alf Laila

    A long pearl necklace with aventurine is a stunning piece of jewelry that can add a touch of elegance and sophistication to any outfit. Aventurine is a green-colored gemstone that is believed to bring good luck and prosperity to the wearer.

    The combination of pearls and aventurine in a single necklace creates a beautiful contrast that is both eye-catching and unique. Pearls are known for their timeless beauty and represent purity and wisdom, while aventurine is believed to promote self-confidence and creativity.

    Symbolically, this necklace could represent the balance between intuition and practicality. Pearls symbolize intuition and wisdom, while aventurine represents creativity and the ability to take action. The green color of aventurine also symbolizes growth and abundance, making this necklace a powerful talisman for those seeking prosperity and personal growth.

    Materials used:

    – 100% Authentic Aventurine
    – 100% Natural freshwater pearl
    – 18k Gold plated curved lobster clasp

    265.50 د.إ
  • Majllis Al Reef Bracelet

    Sold By: Alf Laila

    This collection of bracelets is for ocean lovers. A bracelet collection featuring coral, aventurine, and aquamarine gemstones is the perfect accessory for someone who values natural beauty and vitality. The coral symbolizes strength and resilience, while the aventurine represents growth and prosperity, and the aquamarine symbolizes serenity and calmness. Together, they create a powerful symbol of balance and harmony, making this bracelet collection an ideal accessory for anyone seeking to bring a sense of natural vitality and peace to their life.

    Materials Used:

    – 100% Authentic Red Coral
    – 100% Authentic Aventurine
    – 100% Authentic Aquamarine
    – 18k Gold Plated curved lobster clasp
    – 18k Gold Plated chain for size

    173.50 د.إ

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