• Safa’a Al-Bahr Bracelet

    Sold By: Alf Laila

    A dainty pearl and aquamarine bracelet is the perfect accessory for someone who loves the mystical and enchanting vibes of mermaids. The pearl symbolizes purity and wisdom, while the aquamarine represents the tranquil and serene essence of the ocean. Together, they create a powerful symbol of mermaid-like elegance and grace, making a dainty pearl and aquamarine bracelet the ideal accessory for anyone seeking to capture the magical and enchanting qualities of mermaids in their life.

    Materials used:

    – 100% Authentic Aquamarine

    – 100% Natural freshwater Pearl

    – 18k Gold plated chain

    – 18k Gold plated curved lobster clasp

    176.00 د.إ

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